Hebrew National? What traife.

Thanks to friend and associate Jay Ehret for suggesting that I comment on the new branding mess Hebrew National has foisted on us. I’m sure the folks at Hebrew National could give you a some sort of justification for “updating” their logo and abandoning their iconic tagline. Somehow it must have made sense to them.

Now, I’m not a logo expert, so all I can tell you about the change in logos is that, in the process of “updating” the logo, they’ve managed to dispose of a classic, timeless logo in favor of one that is terribly cheesy and dated-looking. If you showed the old and new logo, side by side, ( I tried to create a link to this side-by side comparison, but couldn’t for some reason, so here’s the URL — http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/hebrew_national_now_more_national.php )— to a bunch of people unfamiliar with the brand and asked which was the old one and which was the new one, I’m confident that most of them would guess wrong.

To make matters much worse, they’ve inexplicably trashed a great tagline—We answer to a higher authority. This tagline was gloriously endearing to their customers and catapulted an obscure regional brand into national prominence, at least in the eyes of the advertising world. A significant portion of whatever brand equity they have stems directly from that tagline. Now, where there once was a great tagline, you’ll find this fascinating expression of the brand: “Made with premium cuts of 100% Kosher beef.” They’ve gone from a brand with a wonderfully engaging personality—truly a rarity—to one with zero brand personality.

Other than that, I love it.

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