Required reading from Teressa Iezzi

The book is called The Idea Writers. Ms. Iezzi, last time I checked, is still the editor of Creativity. She has been observing and analyzing the business for many years. And she had conversations with many of the most renowned copywriters around in the writing of this book.

The audience, presumably, is advertising people, especially advertising writers. But there is much in this book for anyone interested in the advertising business, or even simply in the nature of communication in this digitally inundated culture.Ms. Iezzi is both very sharp and very thorough in her examination of the changing nature of persuasive communications, and how the role of the copywriter has changed profoundly over the past couple of decades.

I don’t recommend books lightly. The last book that I gave such an unqualified rave to was Luke Sullivan’s Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, which has become a classic in a very short time. Finallly, here’s a book worthy of taking that next space on the shelf of must-read advertising books, right next to Mr. Sullivan’s.

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