The way the Patriots refused to win at the end made me suspect the fix was in. Other than that, The game had its moments, I suppose.

The commercials did not. It was yet another humiliationfest for American advertising. I call them humoroids—faux funny commercials that are structured and present themselves as if they were funny, but without the actual element of humor that would be necessary to make them funny. Beating old ideas to death using other old ideas as blunt instruments of death, trying to squeeze something funny out of ridiculous situations with dogs, babies, babes, chimps and Star Wars denizens. Last year, I came away from the Superbowl grateful for the one genuinely good commercial that ran. I refer, of course, to the Star Wars kid VW commercial. This year, they had to wreck that idea by reprising it in a phenomenally awkward, disjointed and stunningly unfunny followup spot.

And don’t get me started on Bugweiser, Pudweiser, Sudsweiser, Slugweiser, Smugweiser, Dudweiser, whatever you call it.

I am sooo verrrry weary of this sad annual parade of flaccid, insipid, obscenely expensive spots, proclaimed to be the best the industry can do by USA Today and Matt Lauer. The best thing about this very moment is that we as far away from the next mess as we can be in a year.

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