Let’s hear it for a somewhat better than average tagline.


In between the rare great tagline and the countless bad, boring, invisible taglines that account for the bulk of the tagline population are a some taglines that have some merit, some something that elevates them above the massive tagheap of crap taglines.

It is often some very subtle something that accomplishes this lifting and separating. Such is the case with Turkish Airlines’ tagline:

Widen Your World.

Yes, the alliteration is helpful. But what caused me to pause when I encountered this tagline was the use of the word “Widen”.

Apart from doing its part in the alliteration, it is, to me, a somewhat interesting choice of verb. There are many ways to articulate the general notion expressed in this tagline. We speak of broadening or expanding our horizons, our outlook or our perspective. But “widen” isn’t really in that list. The closest that “widen” gets to that notion in our ordinary language is as the latter half of “worldwide”. But as a verb, it doesn’t come up much.

This is not a striking or arresting use of the verb, but it is still not the most expected verb. It’s a little bit surprising.

And it has the additional benefit of being just a little intriguing. We are invited to wonder just how an airline can widen our world. And also, it is a credible tagline, or at least not an obviously non-credible one, as is United’s Fly The Friendly Skies. At least in my experience with United, their skies are decidedly unfriendly, especially in regard to legroom, arm room and face room when flying economy. This, of course, is true of most airlines. The problem comes when United tries to stake out territory it clearly has no claim on.

Anyway, I applaud Turkish Airlines for at least making some effort to create a tagline that is not suffocatingly boring, disingenuous or pretentious.

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