You think you know the Menards tagline, but you don’t.

Those of you who live within advertising’s distance of Menards have had their main message imprinted on your brain for many years. But, if I asked 100 people what their tagline is, 100 of them would be wrong.

You’ll Save Big Money at Menards. Right? Wrong. Okay, I’ll admit that this is their de facto tagline. But if you were to pay attention to the end of one of their TV spots, for instance, in most cases, the official Menards tagline appears on screen underneath their logo right there at the end of the spot. It even is trademarked.

You still have no idea what I’m talking about, right?

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Menards’ tagline is . . .

Dedicated to Service and QualitySM

Seriously, you watch for it next time one of their commercials in on. Or just go to their website.

So what’s the moral of this story? Well, there are several, but the overarching moral is: Don’t be as stupid as Menards.

First of all, for not even recognizing what their tagline actually is. If they did recognize it, you wouldn’t see that other tagline ever.

Second, just look at how horrible the “tagline” is. “Service”? “Quality”? If ever there were two words that have been rendered entirely meaningless by their overuse, not just in taglines, but everywhere, those would be them.

Worse yet, we’re talking about Menards here. Service???? Quality???? The quality of their merchandise ranges from adequate on down. No exceptional quality going on there. And as for service, I’ve always found it begrudging-to-ornery. and often kind of incompetent. On many occasions, when I’ve asked where to find some item, I’ve been sent on a goose chase.

Menards could tout value or selection maybe. But NOT service and quality. So that’s another indication they have no clue about their own brand and are in serious denial and just spewing wishful thinking to themselves.

Finally, while no one registers that tagline, nevertheless, from a design perspective, it is an extraneous, ugly element on the home page or at the end of the commercial that clutters up the real estate for absolutely no reason.

I find myself citing taglines very often in the course of everyday conversation, and none more often than “You’ll save big money at Menards.” This unfailingly evokes a pained smile or perhaps a grimace from the person I’m talking to, which is what I’m usually going for.

I live in the eternal hope that Menards will wake up some day to embrace its real tagline and remove that pretender line from the face of the Earth.





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