The advertising world is letting me down these days.

I’m having a harder and harder time finding new taglines that merit evisceration or praise or comment of any kind, because most of the are so dang boring. Thus, I’m not posting on this blog as often as I would like.

Therefore, I’m going to try goosing my posting pace by branching out into posts about advertising and advertising agencies. Some of these posts will draw on my agency experience during the 38 years I’ve been in the business.

Some will feature examples of speaking truth to power, which is something I apparently have done on occasion, especially during my time as a full time copywriter at agencies like DDB, FCB and the agency now known as Havas, which was called TLK when I worked there.

As seems to be the case with all large companies and other organizations, while the primary work of an ad agency is interesting, fulfilling at times and even fun, all of the bureaucratic, administrative, political and process-y crap that the workers are mired in can be infuriating. I’ve spent my fair share of time railing against many of the Agents of Stupidity that infest the halls of all large agencies. So I’ll be looking back at some of the ways in which I made a stink back in the day. It could be fun. Or horrifying. Or both. . I can hardly wait.

If anyone’s out there, stay tuned next week.

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