“Jim is  . . .  unquestionably the best tagline writer with whom I’ve ever worked.” Mike Cafferata, former Executive Creative Director, DDB

“Jim has the unique ability to capture the essence and energy of a brand in his writing—especially in taglines. Prepare to be amazed.” David R Mitchell, Executive Creative Director, Digitas Chicago

“Jim’s thinking is as sharp as it is fresh.”  Simon Veksner, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London

“I think Jim is terrific. I recommend him to many of my clients who need to capsulize the essence of their business and their differentiation. I was very impressed with his process. Jim was incredibly insightful in the specific questions he asked about my services/objectives/competition/etc. I talked all over the place but he kept his focus. He returned quite quickly with more than I’d asked. I’d retained him to do a tagline. He answered with a more comprehensive, effective solution that involved renaming the company. It was brilliant.  (By the way, I’ll be using some of Jim’s other suggested taglines as chapter headings in a book.) The entire process was swift, efficient, cost-effective. I was talking to a kindred strategic/creative spirit. I can’t recommend him enough.” Rita Dragonette, President, Dragonette Career Strategies

“Our meetings with Jim were most enjoyable. He was able to quickly understand our core business and produce a truly amazing list of possible taglines. Our investment of time and money was extremely well spent.”  Dan Wiczer, President, WICO Information Technologies

Jim is a genius . . . he is a deep listener and always puts his client first. I highly recommend Jim Morris.” Jonathan Domsky, President, Kidorable

“Jim doesn’t just do it well. He kicks proverbial advertising ass.”  Dennis O’Connell, former Executive Vice President and Director, Beyond DDB Worldwide; currently Adjunct Professor, West Virginia University

“Jim is a brain.”  J. Darch Clampitt, Creative Director, ChoicePoint Direct

“The new tagline actually helped me understand and articulate our brand better. Our entire philosophy is encapsulated in three words. It’s like this tagline completes our logo.”  Tim Pressley, Creative Director, Status

Brilliant, insightful and breathtakingly concise.” Marcia Iacobucci, Creative Director, DDB Worldwide

” A real pro and a pleasure to work with. Jim wrapped his head around my business, creating a new name for my company and the perfect tagline. In short, he succinctly, eloquently defined our brand, something we had not previously been able to do.” Nazca Fontes, President, ConceiveAbilities

“While we love all of Jim’s work, his taglines are incomparable. Five hundred pounds of punch in five words or less. Ha Cha Cha Cha!” Teri Cavanagh, President, Cobb & Associates

“Can’t recommend highly enough! Jim gathers voluminous input. He asks increasingly astute questions as the process unfolds. He then “lets it simmer” and (not unlike magic) produces the perfect tagline. Actually, he submitted many (awesome) choices, but one in particular solidified my “brand” in exactly the quirky-but-no-nonsense way I had wanted. He’s brilliant.”  Diane Hoeptner, Artist

“I’ve known and worked with Jim for decades. He’s a rare bird—easy going, but tuned into every subtle stimulus. He’ll rise to defend a good concept throughout the process of client overthink and overzealous art directors—which is amazing if you think about it. It’s nice to know there’s someone on the team protecting your strategy. Jim has of late been focusing on taglines. Like a good designer, Jim enjoys shaving as much fat from an idea to reveal it’s most elementary form. Of course, he writes long form too. Jim’s smart sense of humor and humanistic leanings make him an invaluable member of any team he’s on.” Dan “Fruition Man” Haberkorn, Master of Many Trades