In my effort to make this a useful website, this page is reserved for tagline-related links. For example, this is a very cool British site. Apparently, over there, they actually still recognize the value of taglines.

What is a brand? Jay Ehret is rather expert on this subject, and his website,, is a very, very useful destination for tons of small businesses. My blatherings show up here and there, now and then, on this site, in case you’re interested.

There’s another guy out there who apparently makes his living writing taglines. His name is Eric Swartz. He’s not exactly the competition because he and I write taglines differently, or write different kinds of taglines. Kind of like a VW bus versus a Ford Taurus. I’ll let you figure out which of us is which.

My entire career I’ve been trying to help clients understand the true value of humor in advertising in general and taglines in particular. The emotion that most of the most evocative taglines evoke is a smile or a laugh. One day I stumbled on a British blog with this post, which does a better job of explaining this whole subject than anything else I’ve ever seen. It is brilliant.

Being typically Americo-centric, it hadn’t occurred to me that Canada might have some big-brained advertising icons comparable to Luke Sullivan, Alex Bogusky, Jeff Goodby and the like. Turns out, they do.
I ran across Terry O’Reilly recently. He hosts a weekly radio show on Canadian public radio called The Age of Persuasion. It’s extremely good. Check it out.

I hate when someone—in this case, it’s Bob Killian—writes something smarter about taglines than me.