About Tagline Jim










LONG STORY SHORT Millions of words on thousands of projects for hundreds of clients, garnering scores of awards, authoring dozens of successful taglines, over three decades, and really just getting started.

1967 Attended Monterey Pop
1972 BA in Philosophy NIU
1972 Married Geri (The marriage still thrives)
1975-80 Bass player for Huge Hart. Wrote White Sox Fan, which aired on WXRT. Jammed with Jack Bruce.
1979 Sired son Brett
1982 Authored We Are Flintstones Kids, Ten Million Strong and Growing
1983 Ran Chicago Marathon in 3:51:49
1983 Sired daughter Holly
1985 Won first of dozens of awards, a Clio, while toiling at FCB (Fully Collapsible Backbone?)
1988 Creative Director, Sturm Communications
1989 Sired Chairman Jimmy
1991-2000 Taught copywriting at Columbia College
1993 Sired The Communicaterer
1997-2000 Wrote monthly advertising column for Screen
2004-06 Chief Creative Officer, Maddock Douglas
2008 Weekly contributor, Advertising For Peanuts blog
2009 Guest Columns for Adweek, Brandweek, TheMarketingSpot.com
2009 Sired Tagline Jim
2012 Published The Width and Wisdom of Chairman Jimmy

FAVES Hippos, cats, corduroy, rocks, TV, VW buses, early Hendrix, Merzbow

REAL WORLD HEROES Nabokov, Russo, Danto, Sheldrake, Bucky Fuller, Grandin

ADVERTISING HEROES Freberg, Gossage, Bernbach, Riney, Wieden, Sullivan, Goodby, Littlejohn, O’Reilly